Introduction to Di Verbs Things

And now it’s time for Di Verbs Things, the part of the website where Di comes out and verbs a thing. And then writes a blog post about it.

Sadly, I will not be watching VeggieTales. At least not yet. First on the agenda is a song. Of ice and fire. Perhaps better known as Game of Thrones, by one George R.R. Martin. I plan to go chapter by chapter and write about my reactions and thoughts and will eventually get to the actual tv show when I have some cash and such like because DVDs are useful.

Currently the site is an identical theme to my main blog, partly because I’m going to have a ‘proper’ banner drawn for the blog. When I upload that, I’ll change the colours to match.

Discussion is welcome, of course. Future series I am debating blogging about include Robin Hobb’s Realm of the Elderlings and The O.C. I’d be willing to consider suggestions.


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