A Game of Thrones – Chapter Two: Catelyn


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I appreciate that some people may be turned off by this constant ‘pre-blog’ notification. I choose to respect that some people may not have read these books before, like I hadn’t and so make the effort to not spoil them unless they go to the post page. I figure if you really want to be here, reading, you’ll ignore it.

So this is Catelyn Stark. Who would appear to want different gods. And a different wood. I don’t think I blame her; the wood is creepy.

God has seven faces? That’s… interesting. I like that Ned is kind and respects Catelyn’s faith. I think that’s important in a relationship.

How do the faces, if they were carved some ten thousand years ago, still exist? *is probably ignorant about tree life and all that* It just seems odd that you can still see faces; wouldn’t new bark cover the carvings?

And the Stark words: Winter is coming. This is a perfectly acceptable point to show you the House Bell banner thing. You can create your own, too! If you do, I may feature them here if you would like.

I get the impression that House Tully is full of logical, reasoning people. Kayl would hate them. *smirk*

So Jon Arryn is dead… strange, I seem to vaguely recall in a “could be completely and utterly wrong” sense that he lives in the television show. In any case, he is dead, Ned is sad and something seems afoot.

Why is Martin investing all this effort in making me LIKE Ned Stark, only to kill him later? *sulks*

Oooh, Ned is being sought by the king! …for what nefarious purpose?

Cersei… isn’t she the incest girl? But… wait, how does Robert not know his wife is screwing her brother?


The Lannister woman might be the queen, but it appears everyone hates her. I hope I find out why.

Ned is annoyed and put upon. This amuses me.


8 Responses to “A Game of Thrones – Chapter Two: Catelyn”

  1. Anna says:

    Mmm, fantasy-religions!

    The faces of the Old Gods in the weirwood trees are still there because… magic trees, that’s why. We get a LITTLE more insight into how the trees work, but that isn’t until book five – until then, they’re spooky set decorations (also, it’s vaguely hinted that the local population might keep the trees maintained, at least when it comes to the weirwood trees that are outside traditional godswoods).

    (Also your House Bell-banner image is broken for me. I can’t see it! D:)

    And re: Jon Arryn – he is dead, and is dead in the tv series as well. There are other Arryns running around, but he is definitely not one of them. And GRRM is making you emotionally invested in Ned just so that he can KICK YOU IN THE HEART later on. Because GRRM is a cruel, cruel man.

    And yeah, Cersei is the “incest girl” – and Robert doesn’t know, because Robert is willingly ignorant about a lot of things, and also Cersei lies like a champion (in… every sense of the word).

  2. Anna says:

    …. Also, I played in the House banner editor, and made this: http://imgur.com/0dmJHwM.

    … I shamelessly stole a quite from Steven Erikson’s Malazan-series, because yes. Also, blood and water is nice together, because when it comes to fantasy novels, I am all about the blood.

  3. Siri Paulson says:

    Re: Ned — GRRM likes kicking you in the feels. 😛 That’s…kind of his thing.

    I kind of like the weirwoods, but yeah, they’re creepy. I also like the coexistence of multiple faiths without the insinuation that one is TEH EVIL; that’s rather rare in fantasy, in my experience. And it’s interesting that the tree-worshipping faith isn’t recognizably Celtic or indigenous — it is very much its own thing.

    Re: Catelyn and Cersei — I’ll be interested to hear what you think of GRRM’s treatment of women in the series as you progress. You’ve already noted that what’s-his-face in the prologue is misogynistic, and there are female POVs as well (I see you’ve already hit Dany’s first POV) that will shed more light on women in this ‘verse.

    • Dianna says:

      Well… it’s nothing worse than I might expect of the ‘period’ in one sense. I gotta remember it: treating anyone like that is horrible, but societal norms are different now than they were.

      • Siri Paulson says:

        Well… Thinking about Dany and arranged marriages and what we’d call non-consensual sex, yes, that makes us go “ick”, but what are her alternatives? If she were of a different class, say peasant, she’d get to pick her own husband, but she might have a short, hard life and probably die in childbirth or from something that would have been treatable by a maester (~doctor), or else end up widowed and destitute because her husband’s life involves even harder physical labour. Being a merchant’s wife might not be so bad, and there are a few other options for women that you’ll run into as you go along. But generally it’s a matter of pros and cons.

        [/devil’s advocate]

  4. Kayl says:

    Belated, but finally I reply!

    I’m not a huge fan of House Tully. But I do love Catelyn. I find her a really interesting character for reasons we can’t discuss for a while.

    Martin enjoys making you like characters before he kills them off. I’ve come to the conclusion that he thrives on the tears of his readers/viewers. The more he’s able to kick you right in the feels, the happier he will be.

    And ugh Cersei. I hate her and like her all at the same time.

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