A Game of Thrones – Chapter Sixteen: Eddard


  1. Page numbers based off Kindle edition.
  2. No spoiling me; I will edit/delete any.
  3. I don’t avoid spoilers.
  4. My citation format is not necessarily accurate, but it works for me.

I appreciate that some people may be turned off by this constant ‘pre-blog’ notification. I choose to respect that some people may not have read these books before, like I hadn’t and so make the effort to not spoil them unless they go to the post page. I figure if you really want to be here, reading, you’ll ignore it.

…I would not be surprised to see Arya killed now, but I really hope she won’t be. She’s awesome. And Joffrey was out of line anyway, not that anyone who’s in charge will see it that way.

*kind of sort of roots for Joffrey’s death*

Poor Arya… I am glad Ned is there for her… but I hope that Robert will be fair. Not that I think that hope will be realised, for Cersei and Joffrey will no doubt raise a stink.

Good. He hears both sides of the story… and… oh, Sansa, you… there is no word good enough for Sansa. She told Ned already what happened, but now it seems she’s more concerned about not losing Joffrey as her husband, so she hides behind not knowing. No wonder Arya beats her up. I would too!

“Seven hells,” Robert swore . “Cersei, look at her. She’s a child. What would you have me do, whip her through the streets? Damn it, children fight. It’s over. No lasting harm was done.”
The queen was furious. “Joff will carry those scars for the rest of his life.”
Robert Baratheon looked at his eldest son. “So he will. Perhaps they will teach him a lesson. Ned, see that your daughter is disciplined. I will do the same with my son.”1

Robert is rather tired of Cersei, I infer.

…and Cersei is malicious. *growls at her* Can’t leave it be, can she? I’d like to tell Robert what she’s doing.