A Game of Thrones – Chapter Twenty-One: Tyrion


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I appreciate that some people may be turned off by this constant ‘pre-blog’ notification. I choose to respect that some people may not have read these books before, like I hadn’t and so make the effort to not spoil them unless they go to the post page. I figure if you really want to be here, reading, you’ll ignore it.

Woo hoo! So far, my favourite characters are Daenerys, Jon and Tyrion. So when I get their chapters, it is FUN.

Tyrion, your tongue is going to get you into a LOT of trouble one day. …and yes, I’m aware of how that could be taken in a sexual manner. Tell me, am I wrong? *smirk*

I do like that he’s being a bit of a smart ass; to me, it simply builds on what he said to Jon earlier about other men wanting to make you what they think you are and not letting them. Or at least I’m pretty sure he said something like that. Yeah, I should read these more consistently. Damnit.

…okay, Master Aemon seems pretty dang cool in this moment.

And Mormont just makes me feel sad for him. He’s in a really bad position; how can anyone defend the Wall with only three and a third men for every mile? Though, I was under the impression that war would come not from the North, but from elsewhere. …so it would be ‘interesting’ if war came from the North as well.

A long summer equals a long winter. But with the mention of spring, surely they have autumn as well? In which case, wouldn’t they recognise that it is autumn before the winter hits? And in this world where summer and winter last for years (if not the other two seasons… how is food grown? How is meat reared?

Maybe I’ve asked that before.

Aw, I like the Tyrion/Jon friendship. I wonder what becomes of it.

…Jon, I worry about you.


5 Responses to “A Game of Thrones – Chapter Twenty-One: Tyrion”

  1. Anna says:

    Tyrion’s pretty much the universal fan-favourite – and for good reason! His chapters are excellent, and usually smack-dab in the middle of the action.