A Game of Thrones – Chapter Twenty-Three: Daenerys


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I appreciate that some people may be turned off by this constant ‘pre-blog’ notification. I choose to respect that some people may not have read these books before, like I hadn’t and so make the effort to not spoil them unless they go to the post page. I figure if you really want to be here, reading, you’ll ignore it.

While I can certainly believe there are different grass colours—and have seen some myself, the idea that there are grasses out there that are not the usual colours we’d expect seems rather fantastical. In a way, I dislike this mention; it throws me out of the story. Yes, it’s not our universe, but that fact hasn’t been explicit.

Oh well; Westeros has some weirdly coloured grasses.

“Wait here,” Dany told Ser Jorah. “Tell them all to stay. Tell them I command it.”1

With all the control Viserys has expended over Daenerys, I’m sort of hoping that he will try to control Daenerys again, or refuse to follow an order given to everyone and she will smack him down.

With all this dragon dreaming, Daenerys is going to do something with dragons. It is oh so obvious. But are we meant to infer that the dragon gave her some sort of blessing that made her more comfortable in her riding?

…YES! *cheers* Oh, Viserys, you just had to push, and Daenerys SMACKED YOU DOWN. You deserved it and so much more, you arrogant little bastard. *bouncies excitedly* Oh, I am SO looking forward to what comes of this! Because I think Viserys will never live to be king, and I think I’ve mentioned that before.

I very much like that Daenerys is thinking for herself, and realising that her brother is flawed. …and all at once, Daenerys has seemed to grow up, to think for herself and make decisions. I’m not sure I like that this is followed by her being pregnant, though it makes sense with her nightly unions with Drogo.

1. Martin, George R.R. (2010-12-23). A Game of Thrones, page 220. HarperCollins Publishers. Kindle Edition.


5 Responses to “A Game of Thrones – Chapter Twenty-Three: Daenerys”

  1. Anna says:

    I always liked that bit about the grass, simply BECAUSE it implies that Westeros/the wider world of ASOIAF is an alien world, different from our own – and honestly, the only grass that is a bit of a stretch colour-wise is the rainbow-grass, and even that’s possible if you reign in your expecations on “rainbow” – you can find multi-coloured ornamental grasses. Also, the ghost-grass is interesting in itself.

    I’m not sure of the exact nature of that dragon-dream – yes, her trails get easier afterwards, but I don’t think that’s necessarily the dream’s doing. I think it just came at a sort of breaking-point in her life in the khalaasar – the saddle-sores had started healing, and the, uh… repeated non-consensual sex (first time, definitely rape – after that, Dany’s consent to the whole thing is up for debate, but either way she’s *fourteen*. It’s creepy) is something she begins to get used to. The dragon-dream – and the imagery used in it – has less to do with Dany’s *current* circumstances, and more to do with her *future*, IMHO.

    GRRM is an expert at scattering bits of future-sight/prophecy/vague true-dreams throughout his narrative, and it’s only later you realise that’s what they were. It makes re-reading a lot of fun!

    And all hail Dany’s new habit of not being a pushover! I think that while her transition from homeless deposed princess to brand new khaleesi comes with its share of troubles, trials and downright trauma’s (look, we’re back to the “raped by a man twice her age”-thing again! Wheee!), it also means a transition out from under her brother’s tyrannical and quite psychopatic yoke. Viserys is the result of not only personal trauma (the death of his immediate family, traumatising escape across the seas, permanent rootlessness), but of false flattery going to his head – and also a certain inbreeding resulting in a… let’s call it “weaker mental constitution”.

    Dany – while sharing most of his circumstances – obviously developed along different lines. Possibly because she was literally an infant when the whole thing happened, and has no memories whatsoever of most of the events, and certainly none of her family, that weren’t spoon-fed to her by Viserys.

    And re: pregnancy…. Yeah. That comes a bit too fast for me, as does her sudden openness and attitude towards Drogo – I think I would have liked a bit more breathing-room between “Dany is no longer a scared little waif” and “Whoops, baby!” – but in the light of what happens later in her storyline, I can see why he chose to write it this way.

    • Dianna says:

      Good points. …RE-READING? Anna, I’m barely managing to read it. *sheepish grin*

      I like where Daenerys’ character is going, even if some things are… issue raising.

      • Anna says:

        … I might, possibly, have read ASOIAF 3-4 times. I’ve read ADWD twice. >.> I might have a problem.

        And yeah, the thing with ASOIAF is that a LOT of the characters have… issue-raising aspects to their personalities, circumstances or actions. I think it might be intentional on GRRM’s part – though it must be said he does sexualise the women more than the men. Which is, you know, problematic.

        But then again, nobody’s perfect. At least GRRM lets his female characters be complex and different from one another instead of cardboard cutouts, which is more than can be said for a LOT of fantasy-writers – or writers in general.

  2. Siri Paulson says:

    Urgh, Viserys, do not like. But YAY Dany! What Viserys failed to realize when he married her off for an alliance was that as a khal’s wife, even if she is female, she is now in a stronger position than him, if she chooses to take it — and here we see her doing it.

    I had much the same reaction as you to this chapter, Dianna. *grins* Not only is she standing up to creepy older brother, she’s also realizing that he’s flawed and may be wrong about a number of things. Since all she’s known is what he taught her, this bodes well for her ability to think on her own.

    The idea of being a deposed heir has gone to Viserys’ head and twisted his thinking, IMHO. Because Dany is a girl, she hasn’t grown up expecting to rule (even if she had married Viserys and become queen as he became king, he’d be the one with the power…obviously!), so it hasn’t affected her the same way. She knows she’s worth less. She does still have the sense of being royalty in exile, but it’s more removed. Plus, y’know, she’s not a psychopath.

    Re: the dragon-dream – Huh. I haven’t reread the series (unlike Anna, I think once is about all I can manage), so this is the first time I’m coming across these dreams while knowing what comes later. All I can say is huuuh. 😉 I think what it’s doing right here, in terms of timing and Dany’s trials, is more symbolic than literal.

    • Dianna says:

      …if Daenerys was a psychopath, I probably wouldn’t like her as much.

      Even if Emilia Clarke is gorgeous and I may or may not have a girlcrush on her.

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